Sure, as a salesperson, you can build your prospect list on gut instinct. If you are experienced, you might even be pretty good at it. But note the words “pretty good” here. Many prospects on your list are not even worth contacting, perhaps only 50% of them. So how can you improve your accuracy rate and streamline your time? Here are some simple tips.


1. Use data. There’s more data in your company’s system than most people are aware of. Make an inventory of everything that could be valuable, from your own data to your external data (e.g. LinkedIn, website visits).

2. Use existing customers as ambassadors to find new prospects. Customers who are happy are often positive about recommending your business. Be sure to systematize this – and where relevant: automate – for best results.

3. Remove any unnecessary elements that require administration. For example, CRM system administration, which largely serves to meet managers’ need for control, needs to be reviewed and, where possible, automated.

4. Ensure that the prospect work can be changed easily and adjusted to changing conditions and circumstances. If your process is static and something changes, you don’t want to be restricted to a specific app or system. You can read more about how to use existing customers to get new ones here

Does automation sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Bosbec works with so-called low-code and customizable modular solutions. Check it out for yourself.