When a crisis or incident occurs, it is important to have an established plan of communication between all parties involved to quickly identify the issue, find a solution, and return to normal operations with the least impact on the daily business as possible.

Bosbec Incident Communication Service is exactly this; a set of pre-configured actions to take in case of an incident.

Setting up groups of recipients in advance will allow you to reach everyone without having to think of who might need to take part of the information in the heat of the moment.

Bosbec ICS sends SMS, emails, or app messages depending on what contact information is available. You’ll be able to reach everyone with group chats, task lists, confirmation requests, or simple one-way messages.

Each company’s routines and protocols will be different which is why Bosbec ICS can be modified to suit your needs and requirements.

Key Features

  • Create groups and recipients
  • Create chats for easy communication between different groups.
  • Request confirmation that your recipients have received important information.
  • Send reminders and status updates.
  • Save message templates to send standardized messages.
  • Create task list and assign activities to specific people.
  • Administrate the process via web or mobile apps.
  • Automatically log and export relevant communication and actions taken to follow up on.

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