Automated messages from a web shop are a powerful tool to increase sales and improve the customer experience. Well, if you do it correctly.

You have probably seen automated messages in the form of e-mails and or SMS:

  • Tips on related products to customers who have recently made a purchase.
  • Offers based on the amount for which customers shopped.
  • Repurchases for long-life products (toners, filters, creams, etc.).
  • Offers to customers who failed to purchase (forgotten shopping cart).
  • Campaigns based on individual order data from the webshop.
  • Surveys to customers who completed a purchase and had it delivered.

Relevant and personal communication

Like with any sales, the customer must perceive your communication as relevant and personal, even if automated. Otherwise, your automation may backfire, and your goal of additional sales will go up in smoke.

You make your life a lot easier by having a tool that makes it easy to create such communication. Bosbec’s low code platform provides a fast track to a variety of messages at different times and with personal relevance. You can target customers individually based on each customer’s registered information on purchase history.

To get that desirable personal touch, several things are essential to consider. Here are some tips:

  1. Use the recipient’s name: A personal message begins with the recipient’s name in the message. This can be easily achieved using variable email software that automatically inserts the recipient’s name into the message.
  2. Make sure the message can be answered. Encourage dialogue with customers.
  3. Tailor the message to buyers: To make messages more personal, use registered data about buyers and buying habits.
  4. Suggest relevant products based on past purchases, search history, and other information that may indicate their interests. You can also send a personal recommendation based on your experiences with similar customers.
  5. Use a personal tone: speak to the recipient directly and seek dialogue instead of just giving information.
  6. Do not send offers to a customer who is not satisfied.
  7. Test and optimize: Follow up on customer contacts by measuring open and click rates. Leverage information to adjust and improve your automated messages and make them more personal and engaging.

The advantage of Bosbec’s Low code platform is the ease of automating and individualizing different messages. It provides a cost-effective path to automation, and as it is a platform and not a specific solution, you can, of course, use it to automate other things, not just the webshop. It’s included in the price.