If you work in sales, you know how hard it is to attract new customers. Every new customer requires many contact attempts, and as the old saying from the Electrolux business school goes:

“100 knocks, 10 chats, and 1 thank you.”

Electrolux Business School

With intelligent technology, it does not have to be that bad, as we show you in this course, but whatever your tools, the keywords for a salesperson are focus and persistence. 

Here are three simple steps that teach you how to increase customer growth.

1. Simplify.

Remove the time-consuming parts of your sales process, including anything that requires manual handling or results in excessive administration work.

Make sure that your sales efforts create value and enhance relationships with the prospects you are working on.

Many companies drown in the complexity of having too much information in too many different channels. Start simple and continuously add more activities to the process.

2. Systematize

Create a system and make procedures standard.

Make sure that each prospect regularly receives in-house-produced content and/or that each salesperson routinely shares relevant posts from, for example, LinkedIn or blogs.

3. Automate

Many parts of the sales process can be automated. Map out your processes to see which parts of the flow can be digitalized and automated with the help of computers. There is a lot to be gained here, and at Bosbec, we are specialists in this.


Automation can, for example, support processes to get new prospects by collecting email addresses through blog posts or newsletters – activities requiring you to enter your email. Another example is if you have a rewards system where you use existing customers as ambassadors to find new prospects.

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Does automation sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Bosbec works with so-called low-code and customizable modular solutions. Check it out for yourself!