Bosbec recently shared the news that they will sponsor BCI, Business Continuity Institute, to enhance their presence in crisis communication matters to a wider audience. BCI is a global organisation that works to help companies be better prepared for when a crisis strikes with an active members channel and regular events. The BCI World 2019 Conference and Exhibition will take place at Novotel London West Hotel in Hammersmith, London, during the 5th-6th of November, and Bosbec will be there to greet you with up-to-date knowledge on how to keep your company safe and prepared. 

Bosbecprovides the incident communications service that enables organisations to set up a straightforward grid of contacts and commandos for any crisis or emergency. The BCI and Bosbec partnership will work to help organisations to answer questions such as the following:

  • How do you mitigate the consequences and costs as a business during a crisis or catastrophe?
  • As a business leader, how can you proactively predetermine logical responses and swift thinking during a crisis from your organisation?
  • How do you gather your organization to act in a collective manner where guidelines are easily conveyed to each department during a crisis? 

These are questions to where BCI helps bringing expertise and knowledge. BCI is a global network with more than 9000 members in over 100 countries that is conveying knowledge and business insights on Business Continuity through in depth reports, trends and best practices. They provide an active membership channel where you as a member take part of online material, magazines, education, training and the chance to attend regular events. They provide certification levels that are widely regarded as a way to stay ahead in an industry that is in constant change, and to get recognition at your workplace as a confident team player in crisis management. 

Meet BCI and Bosbec at BCI World 2019 Conference and Exhibition 

Bosbec is proud to join enterprises such as Vodafone, IBM, Novartis, Clearview as sponsors for BCI. ”We have been looking for an appropriate channel to partner up with and BCI just seemed like the perfect fit for us,” Jakob Sjöberg says, founder of Bosbec. They are attending the BCI World 2019 Conference and Exhibition in London on the 5th-6th of November as a valued sponsor, where more than 250 professionals will be exploring the theme on Investing in Resilience. Acclaimed speakers such as Ben Hammersley, Jamil Qureshi and Sir David Spiegelhalter will take the stage in Hammersmith, London to discuss business- as well as personal resilience and business continuity in the digital age where entertaining talks will be mixed with invaluable insights about the market. Bosbec will be among 30+ exhibitors to present what’s new and important in business continuity, and exciting news will be discussed with knowledgeable peers.

BCI as well as Bosbec knows that the need to stay one step ahead during crisis is more vital than ever where bigger organizations and more complex internal systems demand more sophisticated lines of communications to cap consequences when disaster strikes. Ransomware, IT failure, fire and natural disasters are unfortunate events that no business can afford to disregard – with a plan in place you will be more likely to come out with less impact on your business. Bosbec awaits to see you at BCI World 2019 Conference and Exhibition to tell you all about it – visit them at stand number 39 and see what you can do to future proof your own organisation.

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