The need for real-time analysis of the physical world is constantly increasing, and IoT (the Internet of Things) plays a major part in making this possible. With the help of IoT, Bosbec is connected to the Honeywell fire alarm and can with smart messaging solutions help with evacuation around the clock.

IoT is what is commonly referred to when talking about the connection between physical objects, systems, and devices that exchange data over the internet. This technology has paved the way for Industry 4.0, enhanced healthcare, and even “smart homes”, allowing you to connect to a doorbell and from halfway across the globe see who knocks at the door or, as in this case, receive information from fire alarms.

Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate operating in several technological fields, one of which is the Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS). Communication between different Honeywell fire alarms and their support systems can make all the difference. Being connected to the IoT devices, personnel don’t need to be within earshot once the fire alarm sounds to respond to the event and can start the incident management process faster.

Bosbec WE helps connect these fire alarms. The Honeywell fire alarms will send information via the ESPA data protocol to a connected IoT transmitter. This IoT transmitter is, in turn, transmitting to the Bosbec WE platform, allowing workflows to listen to the device. Once the information is received by the workflow, our customers can manipulate and perform operations on the data and share the information with their personnel as needed using the Bosbec Workflow Builder.

The information sent from the Honeywell fire alarm can be filtered, made readable, and relevant information can be forwarded via several means of communication – SMS, email, app, or HTTP messages.

Working with next-generation coding really makes the communication between man and machine more accessible. Our previous blog post describing how you can manage incidents with your mobile device:
Manage your alarms on the go using your mobile device

Low-code and automation can improve your business, and if you want to learn more about working with Bosbec WE, see our Documentation page for other types of integrations and guides.

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