Digitalization is a game-changer, not the least for sales and marketing. But those who get it wrong or don’t keep up with it will struggle. Sometimes you hear the word “digitalize” uttered like a magic mantra. But there is no magic. Art is in doing it right and for the right reasons. Not too much, and not too little.

Most people are aware of this but don’t really know what they need to do. Some buy complex systems to manage digitalization, which results in even more administration. Healthcare is the perfect example of this, as are companies that measure too many parameters. 

Here are some tips on what to consider when it comes to digitalization for marketing and sales.

How to digitalize

  1. Don’t panic! Start out simple and map out your process.
  2. Don’t try to cover everything at once. Focus on the important parts of the process that create high customer value.
  3. Check whether it is possible to automate the parts of the process that are handled manually or semi-manually. For example, you can start by automating a small part of the process, such as customer letters, customer surveys, etc.
  4. Make sure you have a solution that is easy to change as circumstances change. The only thing you will ever know for sure is that everything will change.
  5. Don’t just go and buy another system – check if the solution can be built outside of already existing systems with the ability to use the data you have in those systems.
  6. Don’t weigh your sales staff down with more admin just to get more control; ensure instead that any additional tasks you want to add can be automated.
  7. Continually improve the process with digitalization and automation. It is important to choose a solution to which you can easily add functionalities.

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