There are a lot of pitfalls with GDPR that could affect your business. If you work with prospect lists and collect data from newsletters, website visits, and other sources, you need to make sure you don’t fall into any of those traps.

One way to avoid it is to automate several processes so you don’t have to think about it anymore. That’s the kind of thing we at Bosbec help our clients with.

For example, you need to make sure that you inform a person when their data is collected, what the purpose of it is, how the information is going to be used and what rights the person has. Many of us have heard of this already, but how many of us know, for example, that when you transfer personal data to a country outside the EU, you have to guarantee that there is a high level of protection for it?

This means that if you send out newsletters, text messages, have a customer club, or a loyalty program that is managed by a US company, you are putting yourself at risk.

GDPR violations can result in hefty fines, up to as much as 4% of your company’s total turnover.

As for various forms of send-outs and data collecting, it might be time to review your provider and possibly change if you can.


1. Flexibility: have a solution that can be adapted to your own processes. Don’t rely on a static solution that is difficult to change; it should be easy to adapt and change according to new regulations as well as changes in the world.

2. Skip the hassle: make sure you have a provider that can coordinate your customer data and integrate future data sources with your solution. That way, you can avoid hassles in the future.

3. Your data: make sure your company “owns” the data in the solution you are working with. This ensures that a third party cannot use your data for advertising, customer behavior, analysis etc.

4. Technology: make sure you choose a vendor that can provide you with a data-driven solution, as it can easily become unmanageable to handle all the data otherwise.

Does automation sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Bosbec works with so-called low-code and customizable modular solutions. Check it out for yourself.