One of our customers needed better communication with on-call staff during incidents. Being on duty, an operator would receive an SMS about an alarm, which rarely was enough to wake the operator during nighttime. Our customer needed to call the cellphone, a function unavailable in their existing system. Luckily, being connected to the Bosbec platform, we could develop their alarm management and make calls from our end, not interfering with their current systems. After we received their request, we were live within the week!

Our customer manages several operating areas across Sweden, each with an individual endpoint for incoming alarms and notifications. Needing to automate voice calls to our company’s staff, we developed an integration to let Bosbec WE (Workflow Engine) receive these alarm messages and generate automated VOIP calls to the endpoints via PSTN. The on-call operators now receive SMS as well as a phone call to wake them.

Bosbec WE is very dynamic and flexible towards other systems; a key function we are very proud of is that customers rarely have to alter their software to connect to us. An integration to Bosbec can be through REST HTTP requests, cUrl request (HTTP-IN), file transfers via FTP, incoming emails, or just an SMS message.

We connected a series of incoming numbers that matched each operating area for our customer. In this way, all that was required to connect to Bosbec was to send messages to any number in that series. Each operating area had its specific incoming number and we mapped every incoming number with the endpoint of the operating area.

This solution is developed in the low-code platform Bosbec Workflow Builder. Working with next-generation programming, you can build your own automized processes and ultimately control the logic yourself. It no longer requires an in-depth knowledge of computer science or programming to develop your IT solutions. In the workflow builder, we can maintain the logic of these alarms for the on-call staff. How often should the phone ring? How should the system react when an operator picks up the phone? What if the operator doesn’t pick up the phone at all? With minimal effort, we can continue to develop this SMS2VOIP-solution with escalated alarms, SMS messages, or confirmations.

Build your own logic and define HTTP requests in Bosbec Workflow Builder

Incident management is an essential process for any business, and Bosbec strives to make that process easier for everyone. Have a look at our pre-configured Incident management solution to see how you can administrate your incidents all in one web application.

If you are interested in learning more about developing your API functions in a cloud-based environment, you can read more about it on our Help and Documentation page. We have an eager support team happy to help if you want to start building on your own!

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