41% percent of the web consists of websites made in WordPress. This whopping quantity really illustrates the power of WordPress and how common it is for writing blogs or create websites for any business around the globe. In this blog, we will present how you can create a lead from your WordPress page, directly to your sales department!

Due to the considerable usage of this Content Management System, many organizations and companies use this tool to drive their businesses by presenting their products and services to the public in an accessible manner, such as blogs or stores.

Having their business on display, it has become a keen interest to see what the website visitors think of the products and services. A way of finding out if a visitor is interested in a product, a website could offer newsletters, product information, or even discount codes to further encourage the visitors. This type of offer is commonly conducted with a contact form. By submitting this contact form, a customer and a company have established a connection that could further develop into a beneficial relationship.

Such submission would be very helpful for a sales representative of the company, who then could reach out to the visitor and entice them with the company’s offerings, but also to build a personal connection between the visitor and the company. Information like this is called a lead. Wouldn’t it be great if a contact form on WordPress could automatically generate a lead to a sales representative? With Bosbec, you can achieve exactly that.

The low-code development platform Bosbec Workflow Builder is a tool to build any IT solution to streamline and improve your business, such as generating a lead from your WordPress page to your sales department. By using the WordPress plugin “Contact Form 7”, you can specify an email that will receive the submitted information. This email will become a channel between WordPress and Bosbec. The Bosbec solution will listen for incoming emails to that address, and start an automated workflow that creates a lead and sends it to either an individual or a group of sales representatives.

Generate leads from WordPress with this pre-defined Workflow template

This solution is already built and is ready to be imported as a template on your account. Take a look at this guide to learn how to build your WordPress integration. Or even better! As it so happens, this page is developed in WordPress and we have built this very integration on this blogpost!

You can submit the contact form below to get a live demo of the integration, and you will also receive the guide attached to your email. This contact form is for demo purposes and will only showcase the functionality of the Bosbec Workflow Builder, you have not signed up for anything.

    Solutions in the Bosbec Workflow Builder are very dynamic, and you could easily extend this solution with a CRM integration, thus, not only sending an email to a sales representative but also creating a Ticket on your HubSpot account! Read this blog to find out more.

    If you want to learn more about the Bosbec platform, go to our Documentation page.

    We at Bosbec strive to improve organizations with smart IT solutions, so if you’re in need of streamlining your business or want help getting started building your own automized solutions, reach out to our support team at support@bosbec.com who’d be happy to help!

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