In an ever-changing world you need to be prepared for even the unthinkable. Do you know what to do when your company is being hit by a crisis? If there is a fire, if your employees are hurt or if there is a terror attack?

These are all tough and stressful scenarios where communication need to go out in a controlled and correct manner. 

This is something that Telia Company AB, a Swedish multinational telecommunications company, all had to experience in the event of the terror attack in April 2017 in Stockholm. Telia Company that has stores in close proximity where the attack happened, quickly needed to go out with communication fast and to make sure their employees where safe. 

Quite soon they realised that their processes for a crisis were very manual and time consuming. Lists of contact details and employees were being pulled out, then the managers had to check in on each store and to make sure they were okay, and then report back. A quite time consuming and stressful task to endure.

That is when Telia contacted Bosbec to help them solve these situations.

Bosbec helped Telia with the “Incident Communications Service” that helps them deal with both the crisis communication in unpredicted events and that simplifies the process around ensuring that their employees are safe and sound. This allows Telia to minimises the potential damages when a crisis happen.

Watch the video on how it has improved their crisis communications.

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