Bosbec Workflows offer many solutions and now you can export form results from Bosbec and present them on your web application. In this tutorial, you can build your own web extension and use make API-requests to export and present live results of your votes in a Bosbec form.

This tutorial consists of two main sections. Initially, getting started with the workflow and import the template from the Workflow Library. Second, the web application. This can be any web extension that suits your organization but can present one of the many possibilities that Bosbec has to offer. The only requirement is a correct API-call to Bosbec, either by HTTP-IN or in this tutorial REST API-call.

Web extension of voting result presentation

One of the main reasons to use the workflow builder for your IT solutions is that it gives you the ability to easily modify the workflow as needs and requirements change. The first chapter of the tutorial will provide some pointers to where you can make changes to the workflow.

Overview of workflow template

This tutorial will also guide you on how to make a web extension using the Javascript framework AngularJS. This application, which could easily be implemented to your web page, allows a user to send a form ID as input and retrieve the form results as a graphical presentation. This functionality is just one of the many uses but consists of many core concepts of interacting with Bpsbec, such as API-requests and developing in the Workflow Builder. The source code of this application in its entirety can be found in the Appendix of the tutorial.

Use Help as a resource to learn how to build, and do not hesitate to contact to get answers to questions and thoughts when you build your solutions in workflow builder!

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