One of the many benefits of automatization is that it can lower the risk of accidents caused by “the human factor.” Such as when you have to climb telephone poles or check high voltage cables under ground. Those are the kinds of things field technicians do, and they often work alone. A mistake can have serious consequences.

A global telecom company bought Bosbec’s low-code solution to improve safety for their field technicians. After a test run in one country, the solution is now being implemented in markets worldwide.

The work situation of a field technician illustrates how you can improve safety by removing as many manual routines as possible. In addition, it should be easy to create new solutions when a job hits a snag so you avoid a situation where a specific action in a system can only be carried out at certain given times, which can turn it into a large project that takes longer than necessary.

Just a few years ago, it could be costly to create automated solutions for these issues, but the technology has developed rapidly, and today you can do it relatively quickly and much more cost-effectively. That’s what we help our customers achieve with Bosbec’s low-code platform. Instead of needing a large amount of new programming or ready-made system solutions, you create a flow with the help of digital building blocks with different functionalities.

The method may look simple, but it can handle complex tasks such as helping a global organization use automatization to create simplifications and improve safety. In the case of field technicians, you need a good overview and the ability to provide help quickly if something happens, even though your staff may be spread over a vast geographical area. In addition, field technicians often work alone. You need to know, and increase vigilance, when they are working outside normal office hours, in dangerous locations or in countries with high crime rates.

Bosbec’s low-code platform handles those types of needs with variables such as:

  • Traceable tool, supported on different devices and operating systems
  • Timed sessions with check-in that can be extended and completed
  • Missed check-in alerts
  • Panic alert (can be triggered any time)
  • Interactive map location monitoring
  • Input standard operating procedures
  • View past sessions
  • Set up and manage users
  • Create usage reports
  • Choose how to receive alerts – email, SMS, and in Hub
  • Communication with users via data over the cellular network and SMS or any combination.
  • Escalation process

The advantage of building a low-code solution instead of buying a ready-made service or system is that you can tailor the solution to your needs and easily make adjustments. Bosbec’s low-code platform makes it easy to adjust the customer’s existing system to meet changing needs. You need the ability to quickly make changes to solutions in order to adjust to functions in different systems and changing customer requirements. And since there is little code involved, there is also little code to maintain. The less manual coding involved, the lower the risk is for serious errors during the development phase, which saves both time and money.

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