Let’s be honest, public transport can be tricky whilst traveling in a foreign country. Receiving important information about your journey should be simple whether you are traveling as a tourist or on a business trip. However, more often than not, it may be difficult to find the information available in a language you understand. We were contacted by a Swedish railway company that needed help translating information sent to their passengers, some of which are unfamiliar with the Swedish language.

Our customer works closely with train passengers and provides information about their commute via SMS messages. These messages could contain information about malfunctions, degraded situations, or irregularities that may affect the route. Although, while sending this information to the Swedes in Swedish makes sense, foreign passengers who also require this information may be excluded when doing so.

Fortunately, this issue could easily be resolved using Bosbec WE. We built a workflow integrating Amazon’s translation API, AWS Translate, with our messaging service which could then be used as a translation gateway. Our customer could write the message in Swedish and send it to the passengers via the gateway. The workflow would validate the recipient’s phone number and decide if the message should be translated into English based on the country the phone number originates from.

In this blog post, we’ve come to call this solution a translation gateway, but at its core, it is a low-code platform application consisting of cryptographic hashing and requests to the AWS Translate API. This application was developed in the Bosbec Workflow Builder and is now available as a snippet, ready to be imported to your workflows. This means that any Mail2SMS, API2Mail, or other types of information send-out solutions on the platform could use this translate gateway.

The service Messaging was built with Bosbec WE, and we chose this service to expand with the translation solution. All outgoing messages are sent through the gateway that decides if the message should be translated. If the recipient phone has a non-Swedish country code, the message is translated via AWS Translate before its sent to the passenger. We add a signature that states that the message has been automatically translated if there would be any anomalous choice of words.

This example is one of many ways low-code and automation can improve your business. If you want to learn more about working with Bosbec Workflow Builder, see our Documentation page for other types of integrations and guides. If you ever need help in your development or want to get started building your own IT solutions, reach out to our support team at support@bosbec.com and we’ll happily help!

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