Why Bosbec WE will cut your development times in half

As a developer, you’ll no doubt face everyday challenges, whether you work for an organization or you offer development and management as a service. Implementing effective IT solutions into a growing business can be hard work, and only 17% of executives think that they can deliver IT solutions fast enough to the line of business, which can cause you to miss out on revenue.

What’s more, an eye-watering 60% of all IT projects go unfinished, which leaves businesses with outdated, ineffective and sometimes unsafe IT infrastructures. As the world becomes more globalized and competitive, it’s simply not an option to fall behind competitors with old tech.

If you’re looking to build new IT applications for your business, then you should look to use event-driven architecture and IoT data, rather than building applications and software around traditional master data. Below, we give you an introduction to a tool that could help and share with you the reasons why you should consider Bosbec WE when working on your next project.

An introduction to Bosbec WE

Bosbec WE is a platform designed to help develop custom IT solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re a one-man band or run a company of 3,000. We like to think of our platform as “the WordPress for IT solutions”, allowing developers from all backgrounds and abilities to create complex, customized apps and solutions to meet their business needs.

One of the reasons the Bosbec WE platform is so popular with developers is in its ease of use and convenience and its vast amount of ways to communicate across platforms. Once you’ve decided on your idea, you can use a variety of simple functions, like jobs, triggers, and units to program your application to work in the way you want.

Say, for example, you work in food tech and want to monitor the temperature of ingredients inside a food processor. With a custom solution using Bosbec WE, you can connect a thermometer device to a laptop and have values stored in easy-to-manage data logs. Then, you can set up jobs and triggers to alert you when it reaches a particular temperature to ensure you remain compliant. This information could be sent to Bosbec via HTTP or many other popular protocols.

That example is just one of the millions. In fact, you can create even more complex IT systems and combine multiple protocols such as Rest APIs, MGTT, emails, SMS, apps, and more, without any special skills or prior training. Through Bosbec WE workflows, you can create templates to manage a series of actions (which we call jobs) with inputs, outputs, and rules, each of which working together to build the ultimate solution for your corporation’s needs and challenges.

From there, you can program a whole host of jobs, which come in different sizes and complexity levels. And the best news is that the majority of these jobs are available in our online workflow builder, giving you a to-the-minute insight into what you have programmed and how it will work.

Bosbec is connected and integrated 

Bosbec can by default connect and talk to various systems and APIs via a vast amount of protocols. We have worked extensionally to ensure that our users custom IT solutions can be integrated with the most complex IT systems! All Bosbec’s communication with your business is done via APIs, all with version control of course.


Included in the Bosbec We platform out-of-the-box is an incident management cloud service, which gives you the key features to manage incidents within your workplace, an online staffing tool, which allows you to handle staff at the click of a button, and a multifactor authentication tool, essential in today’s digital times where cyber attacks are the norm and GDPR legislation threatens businesses that do not take data security seriously.

Once you sign up for a free trial, you’ll get access to these programs and more as part of our service, which you can customize to the exacting needs of your business to save time and money, and increase your efficiency.





Cut down development times

Developing new infrastructure for a business, whether you’re starting from scratch or patching up an old piece of software, can take time. With Bosbec WE, however, IT solutions are based on an event-driven process, which makes new technologies easier to implement and scale.

Rather than spending weeks and months building a new solution from the ground up for a single business, Bosbec WE allow you to utilize a range of tools and systems out of the box and build the ultimate IT solution in just a couple of hours – and make changes as and when required.

Save money on development costs

Development is not only time-consuming, but it’s expensive. The average software developer will set you back more than $100,000 per year in the United States and at least £30,000 per year in the United Kingdom. Bosbec WE cut down the necessary man hours and erases the margin of error, and ensures your solution is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Scale your IT solution

If you’re running a growing business, your IT solution needs to be able to scale at a moment’s notice. With Bosbec WE, you can scale as and when required without suffering from unwanted downtime, which gives you peace of mind knowing you can grow at a pace that suits you.

Reduce training and development

Whilst Bosbec WE was designed for developers in mind, you can create truly complex solutions without any real development experience. We offer customer support and issue all customers with a manual – and you’ll be surprised at just how quick and easy it is to build on the platform.

Integrate legacy systems

Unless you’re launching a new business, you’ll already be relying on tools, software, and systems to power your company. Bosbec WE include an easy way to integrate old and legacy systems into a new environment, which reduces headaches and helps you to switch fast.

Stay on track

Rather than building IT solutions around master data, which can be lost or compromised if you suffer from a hack or server failure, Bosbec WE is built around the Internet of Things and cloud-based computing. Not only will your data be more secure, but you’ll be able to access your core IT systems wherever you are in the world, from your phone or from a desktop PC.

There are a whole host of reasons why you should consider Bosbec WE. Not only do we offer affordable cloud solutions for businesses, and a free test account to give you an idea of how our platform works, but we’ve been trusted by brands such as Telia Company, Satmetrix, Ericsson and more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch on +46(0)8-222 525, or sign up for your free trial today.