Solutions built using Bosbec

Bosbec platform is a cloud-based service where you easily and cost-effectively build IT solutions, either as part of a larger solution or as a complete system. The service allows customers to digitize and automate processes by creating workflows that handle data and sent or provided by different systems, machines, or sensors.

We have created a number of different solutions that are ready to be used today or could be adapted for your specific use case. When new workflows are created, we may list them below as inspiration cases so that your business or organization can use them and thereby increase and facilitate digital transformation.

Bosbec WE

With Bosbec WE, you can build your workflows and solutions from the ground up. If you have a workflow where you want to automate or digitize manual processes, just describe your ideas and we will build them together with you.

All workflows below are built using Bosbec WE

Bosbec Incident

Bosbec Incident helps you secure your business and your employees – before, during, and after the crisis/incident. With the help of the Incident service, you tie all communication and tasks to activities and can easily follow the course of events.

You build routines that allow you to quickly handle the incident and return to the normal state of the business and minimize any damages and losses.


Bosbec Staffing

Bosbec Staffing is an effective tool that helps you secure your staffing. You free up both time and resources that can instead be spent on the core business.

With the help of Bosbec Staffing, you can easily seek out people with similar skills, send out requests for replacements and receive answers. You can then assign work shifts or tasks via the service.

First Come

Bosbec Messaging

Bosbec Messaging is a comprehensive solution that takes care of all your basic messaging needs. The service is managed online via an intuitive user interface, but can also be connected to various systems and services for automation.

Bosbec Messaging enables you to handle different types of messaging, such as sending pre-defined templates, two-way communication, or sending forms and surveys via email, SMS and app.

Write and Send Messages


With Mail2SMS you can send SMS directly via your mail client. You can choose whether it should be possible to answer, which sender name it should be sent from, and if you want the answer to end up in your mailbox or as an SMS on your mobile phone.

There are also more advanced settings such as sending to default groups, sending ready-made templates, or starting other automatic flows.

Multifactor Authentication

By using Bosbec’s MFA service for two-factor verification (2FA), you can add an extra layer of security for users’ login details and limit the risk of unauthorized access to your services.

Using the platform’s API, you can verify the identity of users by sending them a one-time password (OTP). The user verifies that he or she is the holder of the account by confirming the received code.


Bosbec Digital Sick Leave

Bosbec Digital Sick Leave facilitates the sick leave process for both employees and administrators. Anyone who is ill can report illness by sending an SMS, email, or app message that creates a sick report and at the same time notifies their supervisor.

This service can advantageously be combined with Bosbec Staffing to assign the work shift to the next person. The service is easy to configure to suit your needs.



In many situations, reminders are important to simplify for healthcare recipients and employees. With a reminder service, you can choose to send reminders directly from an existing system, via the import of a recipient list, or an interface.

You can, among other things, schedule the reminders, choose whether you should be able to respond to the message, or use pre-defined templates that are sent via SMS, email, or app.

The reminder service is easily modified to suit your needs and requirements.

Digital Queue

Bosbec Digital Queue is used to reduce the number of people who need to be in waiting rooms, receptions, or a store. After entering the queue digitally, a message with the queue number and additional information is sent to the recipient.

You can sort the queues by priority or queue number, choose the language in which your message should be sent, and send reminders when it is the recipient’s turn. The recipient can also leave the queue early.

The service is easy to adjust, adapt and integrate with other systems.

Digital Queue

Automatic Rebooking

Cancellations and re-bookings take a lot of time. They are often handled by manual routines and sometimes only parts of the process are digitized. With Bosbec’s automatic re-bookings, you optimize the process and save time on administration.

A fully digitalized service to increase value for both your organization and for your customers/patients. You will experience fewer missed bookings and make better use of the employee’s/healthcare staff’s time.
The service can be modified to suit your needs and requirements.

Alarm Service

With the alarm service, you create alarms for different systems based on the triggers you need. Choose how, when, and why the alarms are to be sent. The alarms can, for example, be treated differently based on the time of day or which system it applies to.

You can also easily administer recipient groups over time and assign permissions to users to update the groups.


This chat service is adapted for organizations and unlike many other chat services, it is the account owner who owns the data. This means that the account owner can delete the chat history for specific recipients by removing the recipient from their account. All chat history is then deleted for that specific recipient. This is useful, for example, if a user has received sensitive information that should no longer be available after a project or employment is over.

App Group Chat

Digital Attest

Digital Attest facilitates and automates approval processes that are otherwise handled manually. When a request needs to be reviewed, you can easily send a document to a specific group or individual where authorized persons can approve the decision or documents.

It is also possible to implement limit values where a certain number of decision-makers need to approve before the decision goes through. When the decision is made, the result is sent to the original sender and the entire decision group.

Office Presence

Bosbec Office Presence helps you and your employees keep track of who is planning to come into the office during the coming week and what days they plan to come in. With this information, you can decide whether to come into the office on certain days or if you can instead work at home to avoid congestion.

It is also possible to configure a limit value where all registrations above a certain number need to be approved by the person in charge. This means that you can ensure that there is always a correct number of people in the office.


Sometimes you need a simple gateway to quickly get started sending text messages from your system. Bosbec SMS-Gateway solves this problem.

One of the advantages of the Bosbec SMS-Gateway, in addition to the actual SMS delivery, is that it is based on a workflow. This means that if you later want to create a more advanced flow and add, for example, certification or confirmations it will be easy to implement.


NPS Survey

Organizations often need to gather information about their customers to create better experiences for those who use their products or services. One way to achieve this is to conduct NPS surveys.

When surveys are conducted, organizations often have different requirements and regulations on what actions should be taken based on the results. These requirements can when and how often the surveys should be sent, how many times a recipient should be allowed to receive a survey during a certain time interval, or what time of day it should be sent.

Use the link below to read more about how such a survey can be built.

NPS Survey


The voucher solution was created to reward customers and to build customer loyalty. When a customer participates in surveys, attends events, or creates leads for new customers, a voucher can be created and sent to the customer.

The workflow assigns customers points that can later be redeemed for various products, prizes, or discounts.

Use the link below to see an example of how this can be implemented.

Voucher Template

Ticket Management

Bosbec Ticket Management is a complete ticketing solution that lets you create tickets for your events or trips and later read and control the tickets when they are used. The service is based on QR codes being sent to the participant or traveler, which the inspector can then scan and approve.

Bosbec Protected Files

Bosbec Protected Files is used to send password-protected files. When the file is sent via the workflow, it is packaged and locked behind a password before it is forwarded to the recipient via email. The password generated is simultaneously sent to the recipient’s phone via SMS or app.

This creates an extra layer of security as both devices are required to be able to access the sent file.


Your manual processes can often be automated partly or completely with anything from certification of employment / rental contracts or confirmation of retrieved equipment to sending regular welcome SMSes. Bosbec Onboarding can be used to automate your routines for new employments or new tenants.

The solution ensures that employees or tenants receive the information required to quickly get started in their roles. The flow can vary depending on the function or role it will manage.


With the Checklist solution, you can set up processes for sending different checklists for various areas with action points for when all or specific tasks have been completed on the original checklist.

Examples of use cases are sending out confirmation emails when cleaning is completed or scheduled checks for safety patrols.

These processes can also be integrated with existing systems or with other Bosbec solutions.

Error Report

Bosbec’s error reporting solution provides good support throughout the process from reporting an error to closing the case. The flow can be adapted based on your specific needs. In addition, it is easily integrated with other systems, such as your case management system.

The digital work order is sent via SMS, email, or app. The agent reports the status via links to a form. Work orders are handled via a mobile phone with or without an app.

Refer a friend

By scanning a QR code (generated by the solution), your loyal customers can tell a friend about your business. The friend will get a discount on their first purchase and when the discount is used, the original customer will in return also be rewarded. By getting existing customers to refer their friends, you can create a viral effect.

Refer a friend

Stamp card

Create digital stamp cards that your returning customers can use to get a discount. This creates loyalty and increases purchases.

The customer receives a code that the cashier enters into the solution. Once this has been done a set number of times, the customer will receive something for free or for a discount.

Stamp card

Registration via QR

By giving customers an easy and hassle-free way to sign up for your customer club, they are more likely to do so. Provide the customer with a QR code that leads to a form where they can enter their details as it suits them.

Another upside of gathering your loyal customers in a club is that you can more easily communicate with them using the Bosbec Messaging Service.

QR Code

Bosbec On-call

Bosbec On-call is an alarm service where you can create automated voice calls to notify or wake on-call personell. The alarms can be read out during the phone call with TTS technology, or be sent as a complementory SMS.

You can decide when the calls should be initiated, how the system should react if the on-call staff picks up the phone, or if the phone isn’t answered at all. You decide the logic of the workflow, for instance if the call should be made in intervals until the endpoint picks up the phone, or if the workflow should send escalated notifications to other staff members.