Bosbec sub-processors

The Customer agrees that Bosbec may engage Bosbec Affiliate or third parties to process personal data in order to assist Bosbec to deliver the Services on behalf of the Customer (“Sub-processors”). If the Sub-processor processes the Services outside the EU/EEA, Bosbec shall ensure that the transfer is made pursuant to European Commission approved standard contractual clauses for the transfer of Personal Data which the Customer authorizes Bosbec to enter into on its behalf, or that other appropriate legal data transfer mechanisms are used.

The current Sub-processors are outlined in the table below and the Customer agrees and approves that Bosbec has engaged such Sub-processors to process personal data as set out in the list. For another set-up regarding Sub-processors please contact Bosbec for a specific set-up.

SAP Processing sms
Sinch Processing sms
Cellsynt Processing sms
Lekab Processing sms
Infobip Processing sms
Intellico Processing sms
Twilio Processing sms
Sergel Processing sms
42Telecom Processing sms
Message Mobile Processing sms
GAPIT Processing sms
Amazon Hosting, do not process data
Gleesys Hosting, do not process data
PIN Hosting, do not process data
Pushwoosh Mobile App Notification
Microsoft Mail for general communication
SPCS Invoicing
Fortnox Invoicing
Paypal Credit card
Stripe Credit card